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CleanWeb Goes National

Filtered Internet service provider CleanWeb announced that it now has the capability of being accessed via local dial-up from anywhere in the United States.

Its subscriber base is expected to grow to over 10,000 within a year.

"Pornography and problem sites on the Internet have become a huge burden on today's society," said Ted Parker, president and CEO of CleanWeb. "Those who are not using a filtered Internet service such as CleanWeb are indirectly providing the financing and support for these offensive sites."

CleanWeb has three layers of filters, analyzing sites for nudity, adult content, sex, violence, drug use, gambling, language, discrimination, and crime. Individual subscribers may set their own level of filtering.

Describing itself as "the moral alternative," CleanWeb provides access to family-friendly educational sites and other sites that are unlikely to cause any offense. Businesses can use CleanWeb to stop employees from accessing recruitment sites, looking at computer games information, and chatting on chat sites.

CleanWeb donates 10% of its revenue to charities and non-profit organizations.