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Spyglass Unveils Mosaic 3.1 Browser

Spyglass Inc. Tuesday released the latest version of its Device Mosaic Web browser that allows a variety of non-PC devices to access the Web.

Spyglass Device Mosaic 3.1 was created to serve as an application platform for digital cable, satellite, wireless, and other non-PC products.

Spyglass Device Mosaic differs from other browsers because additional applications including e-mail, television channel guides, or customer care services can be built into the product using the same core Internet functionality that powers the browser.

New features added in this version include support for JavaScript and Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 and easy integration with Spyglass Device Mail 3.1, Spyglass' new e-mail product that also debuted Tuesday. Including the enhancements, Spyglass Device Mosaic remains under one megabyte in size, which is much smaller than similarly equipped desktop browsers.

Motorola Inc. and Nokia are among the companies that will use the new browser. Motorola plans to incorporate it into its Blackbird digital TV platform and Nokia will integrate it into its own set-top box.

Spyglass said the new features are important to the television market since JavaScript allows users to interact dynamically with Web sites and SSL because it provides the encryption necessary for electronic commerce.

Spyglass General Manager Randy Littleson said that the addition of new features will drive customer acceptance of Internet access on devices other than personal computers.

"Communications, interactivity, and commerce are the reasons the Web has and will continue to be a force in the marketplace," Littleson said. "Our latest technology release enables all three while remaining true to the small memory size that made us attractive to manufacturers in the first place."