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Handspring Intros New Handhelds

Facing a sagging economy and soft sales, Handspring, Inc. (Nasdaq:HAND) officially rolled out its new Visor Pro and Visor Neo handhelds.

Of greatest interest is the $299 Visor Pro, which the company has priced directly between its low-end Neo and its high-end Visor Edge. Palm is expected to soon release a similar mid-priced handheld, according to a variety of sources.

The Visor Pro comes with 16MB of RAM, a 33 MHz Dragonball VZ processor and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It eventually should replace the existing Visor Platinum.

The Neo is Handspring's new low-cost entry at $199. It comes with 8MB of RAM and the same Dragonball VZ processor as higher-end Visors, making it 50 percent faster than the Visor Deluxe it replaces, according to Handspring. The Visor Platinum and Visor Deluxe still are available, the former retailing for $199 and the latter at $169.