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Sony Adds Two New Handhelds

Sony stepped up its efforts to gain a foot hold in the handheld market by introducing two new Palm OS-based CLIE handhelds Tuesday, one aimed at style-conscous users and the other an entry-level device.

The CLIE PEG-T615C is a thin-design 16-bit color handheld that includes Remote Commander software that can serve as a universal remote controller for home entertainment devices. It comes with a 320 x 320 pixel LCD display and 16MB of standard RAM.

It also comes with Documents To Go Standard Edition for editing and managing Microsoft Office documents. The handheld costs $400.

The budget-priced CLIE PEG-S360 also comes with 16MB of RAM but sports only a 160 x 160 pixel monochrome LCD. It also comes with Documents to Go and costs $200, according to Sony.

Sony has had CLIE handhelds on the market for about a year and, according to some market share studies, has achieved a market share as high as 10 percent.