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Bluetooth Certifications Hit Milestone

More than 500 Bluetooth-enabled products have been certified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the organization announced Thursday.

The industry group said that it qualified more than 10 new short-range wireless Bluetooth products a week during the last quarter of 2001. It said about half of the 133 products qualified during that quarter were either mobile phones, computer-related or consumer electronics products with the rest being chipsets and development tools.

"Developers have responded favorably to the stability of the Bluetooth wireless specification and we are tracking towards our ultimate objective of providing users with an easy-to-use, standardized means for wirelessly connecting their electronics products," said Michael McCamon, chairman of the Bluetooth SIG marketing committee.

The organization also said that its Interoperability Task Force has been meeting since last year and is looking ways to improve the interoperability of Bluetooth-enabled products.

The Bluetooth SIG is an industry group made up of leading technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Ericsson. It is responsible for certifying that Bluetooth-enabled products comply with Bluetooth specifications.