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Concert Sings a New Tune

The $7 billion joint venture that brought together AT&T. Corp. and British Telecom plans to unleash its expanded portfolio of Internet protocol-based and wireless services for global business and wholesale customers this month.

Concert, the corporate offspring of AT&T and BT , plans to launch the new services with a with a multi-million dollar advertising and direct marketing campaign in August.

With the launch of Concert's expanded service portfolio, AT&T and BT will make good on their goal to provide a broad range of global communications that migrates customers networks into an IP-based environment. The move to standardize global communication networks allows Concert to serve up integrated services worldwide.

Concert continues to develop its own global IP platform to deepen its in-country coverage and capabilities through the IP networks of its partners. More than 80 percent of the traffic carried on Concert's existing data networks is IP-based, a trend that is symptomatic of the industry's explosive growth, which is based on transforming native communication systems into single standardized network.

Concert plans to offer the new services to its 270 multinational customers through its 2,000-plus dedicated sales force, and to its targeted 30,000 business customer base through its global network of distributors.

BT Ignite is a division of the European communications giant tasked with developing a data-centric broadband IP business focused on corporate and wholesale markets.

Alfred Mockett, BT Ignite chief executive officer, said the firm has made tremendous progress on aligning Concert's portfolio with BT's domestic European services.

"Already we have alignment across the traditional data services, such as frame relay and ATM," Mockett said. "Since Concert's launch earlier this year, have combined our IP/VPN development programs to ensure seamless global-domestic services can be provided to our European customer base."

Rick Roscitt, AT&T Business Services president said working with global distributors would widen Concert's target market beyond traditional carriers.

"Concert's new portfolio proves to global clients that, together, AT&T, BT and Concert offer the industry's richest set of advanced global solutions," Roscitt said.

Through its global network of distributors, Concert is capable of providing trans-border services targeted toward small and medium-size international companies. According to AT&T, high-tech start-ups and other businesses whose operations and services are increasingly web-centric are driving explosive growth in this sector.

Concert has already signed contracts for services to one of the U.K.'s largest financial institutions, Barclays Bank , Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. , Texaco Inc. , and Acer Inc., among others.

David Dorman, Concert chief executive officer said it's a company on the move.

"I couldn't be more pleased with Concert's progress to date in delivering global solutions that are unprecedented in global scale, scope and quality," Dorman said.

Features of the enhanced Concert IP services include a range of communications solutions which can be customized for large multinational corporations that manage their own networks.

Virtual private network services are included in the service rollout that merges voice, data and multimedia applications in intranet and extranet environments. The suite includes a solution that combines data transport, Internet access and voice over IP cap