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Micron Internet Services Plans To Go National

Regional Internet access provider Micron Internet Services, a division of Micron Technology Inc., Wednesday announced plans to offer nationwide dial-up service.

Micron Internet Services signed an agreement with UUNET, a MCI WorldCom company, to use UUNET's global Internet network. Testing of the nationwide system is now underway.

Micron plans to provide a variety of Internet access plans, partner programs and professional services in all 50 U.S. states. Currently, Micron operates its own network throughout Idaho and portions of Washington, Utah and Oregon.

Micron Internet Services will rely on UUNETs nationwide 500 points-of-presence to expand its Internet services.

Todd Chavez, Micron Internet Services marketing manager said the decision to connect with UUNET was the result of thoroughly reviewing all their options.

"Our decision to work with UUNET was made after careful examination of all alternatives. UUNET's long history as a proven, quality-oriented, provider of network facilities was the determining factor."

Even though national expansion is a big challenge for Micron Internet Services, customers can expect easier access from more locations, through the same, familiar Internet interface.

"For our current customers, nothing will change except they'll have the ability to use our service from many more locations when traveling or relocating," Chavez said.

"Our focus in providing nationwide access is to accommodate individuals already familiar with our service as well as businesses desiring comprehensive Information Technology solutions embracing the Internet."

Micron Internet Services has provided commercial Internet services since 1994. Most computer users are familiar with parent company Micron Technology which manufactures semiconductor components and memory modules.