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AT&T WorldNet Service Fulfills Network Upgrade Promise

When AT&T WorldNet Service added 100,000 new subscribers in one month around the first of this year, complaints about busy signals from members surged.

In response to consumer complaints about WorldNet access, AT&T promised that the telecommunications giant would complete a network upgrade to increase their modem capacity by the second quarter of this year.

Making good on their commitment, AT&T WorldNet Service announced Thursday that more than $60 million has been spent to complete network capacity upgrades and ensure greater Internet access reliability.

According to Michael Chaplo, AT&T WorldNet Service vice president of marketing, the system upgrades will provide better service for current and new subscribers for some time.

"The new capacity will ensure reliable Internet access for existing subscribers, while helping us serve many new customers in 2000," he said.

The system upgrade coincides with the release of an independent survey that gave AT&T WorldNet Service the highest possible reliability rating.

According to Inverse Network Technology Inc.'s study of national Internet service providers, AT&T WorldNet Service received a 98.7 percent success rate for successful first attempt connections to the Internet during tests run in May.

Chaplo said the test results reflect what industry leadership is all about.

"These Inverse results reflect what we strive for as an ISP; to raise the bar on quality Internet access throughout the industry," he said.

AT&T is celebrating the completed system upgrades with a new advertising campaign promoting their personal network services. Beginning next week AT&T plans to offer bundled communications services that combine WorldNet Service with AT&T long distance access for less than $20 a month.

AT&T spokesman Jonathan Varman said the promotion supplants the company's ability to provide a variety of calling services.

"The beauty of the offer is that AT&T can leverage the companies full range of services to provide calling capabilities including residential long distance, calling card services and Internet access all on a single bill."

WorldNet currently has 1.6 million subscribers in the U.S.