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Prodigy Helps Small Business Build Their Bottom Line

In a move to help online businesses build their bottom line, Prodigy Communications Corp. Tuesday released a set of new services to meet small business e-commerce needs.

Prodigy Business Solution's collection of Internet access options, business and intranet tools and Web design or hosting services are built to make online business start-ups easy.

Jim Dougherty, Prodigy Business Solutions executive vice president and general manager, said small businesses need a single, easy-to-use resource to build their e-commerce initiatives.

"Businesses need a one-stop shop to get online, rather than wading through a baffling array of product choices from different providers."

Doughtery said Prodigy is leveraging their national brand name to introduce a comprehensive scope of products and services and capture a piece of the small business e-commerce market that is expected to increase 10-fold over the next three years.

"The market is ripe for explosive growth," he said, and Forrester Research Inc. concurs.

According to the independent research firm, small business Web hosting services produced over $487 million in 1998. Forrester forecasts predict that the same market will top $4.8 billion by the year 2002

Competition to provide e-commerce solutions for small businesses makes for interesting deals. Partnerships with Orbit Commerce Inc. and Digital Instincts, Inc. helped Prodigy to develop their ecommerce services.

Big-business features like real-time sales reporting and secure Internet transactions are readily designed into small business e-commerce with the help of Prodigy's partners.

In order to meet increasing demands for bandwidth, Prodigy intends to roll out Digital Subscriber Line access later this summer.