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Gateway, Verizon Promote Wireless WANs

Gateway Wednesday joined forces with Verizon Wireless to jointly promote wireless wide area network (WWAN) data solutions for the enterprise.

At the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) Wireless IT and Internet show in Las Vegas, Gateway unveiled a deal that makes Verizon a top-billed provider for its Mobile Wireless Solution, which gives workers the ability to establish an Internet connection wirelessly at speeds comparable to dial-up.

Beginning Wednesday, Gateway is promoting Verizon Wireless's Express Network in Las Vegas, Dallas and Houston, with plans to roll it out nationally by mid-2003.

The Gateway Wireless Solution, aimed squarely at mobile professionals likes salespeople and real estate agents that spend large amounts of time out of the office, includes a Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 for notebooks or PCMCIA-enabled PDAs. Gateway is offering businesses service, installation, integration, security and equipment to get them up an running, allowing professionals to access e-mail, corporate data and the Internet at average speeds of 40 to 60 kbps. Verizon's Express Network will provide the actual infrastructure that carries the wireless signal.

Customers have the choice of several pricing plans. Unlimited access to the Express Network (with some restrictions) goes for $99.99 a month. Otherwise, customers can choose time-based or megabyte-based usage plans. The time-based plans start with 150 minutes for $35 a month, while the megabyte-based plans start for $35 a month for 10MB of data sent and received per month.