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RCN, Lycos Partner To Deploy Broadband Content

RCN Corp. and Lycos, Inc. Wednesday announced a strategic alliance to collaborate on a number of Internet-based initiatives.

The two companies plan to develop broadband content to be deployed over RCN's fiber optic network. Terms of the deal include producing a co-branded version of Lycos' personal portal as the start page for RCN's subscriber base.

According to David C. McCourt, RCN chairman and chief executive office, planning for a future filled with broadband enriched content makes good sense for the company.

McCourt said the "alliance between RCN and Lycos makes perfect sense, given RCN's unparalleled resources in the area of high-speed Internet access and Lycos' expertise in content development and deployment." He added that the "future of the Internet is clearly in the realm of high-speed content, and RCN and Lycos are committed to bringing that content into every home we jointly serve.''

Lycos' broadband initiative, "Lycos Lightning," is a network-wide initiative to develop, test, and deploy services that exploit the power of high-speed Internet access. Bob Davis, Lycos president and chief executive officer, said the deal with RCN is part of the company's overall plan to develop and market co-branded Lycos products.

"This agreement marks an exciting step in Lycos' strategy for offering Lycos products," he said. "Lycos Lightning is our platform for multimedia information and entertainment services made possible by a high-speed connection. We chose to align with RCN because they are a proven leader in deploying cable modem broadband services.''

Lycos said it plans to continue to roll out Lycos Lightning products over the next several months. Programming will be integrated into existing Lycos portal services.

In addition to the broadband content project, RCN's dial-up customers will have access to a co-branded version of "My Lycos" as a part of the alliance. RCN subscribers will be able to personalize their start page with local news and weather as well as other individualized features.

According to McCourt, RCN marketing of broadband enhancements will focus on building from their existing subscriber base.

"We use dial-up Internet access as a way to build a satisfied customer base in advance of our network construction," McCourt said.

RCN provides Internet services for more than a half million subscribers in the Boston to Washington, D.C. corridor. The company currently provides local and long distance phone services, cable television access and Internet services.