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Bell Atlantic Brings DSL Services to the Big Apple

New Yorkers now have a new option for broadband Internet access to their home or office.

Bell Atlantic Corp. introduced their Infospeed digital subscriber line services to parts of Manhattan Thursday. Other parts of the New York metropolitan area are scheduled to receive the server later this year.

In conjunction with the New York launch of home and small office DSL access, Bell Atlantic is also introducing a quick and easy home installation package that customers can complete themselves. The Quick Start installation offer will be introduced in other Bell Atlantic markets later this year.

Amy McIntosh, Bell Atlantic president of consumer data services, said New Yorkers were anxious to gain access to high-speed services.

"Thousands of our New York customers made reservations online for our Infospeed DSL service long before we started advertising today," McIntosh said. "We know they're anxious to enjoy the speed and convenience that Infospeed DSL gives them with immediate and unlimited access to the Internet. With our new Quick Start installation, they'll be able to cruise the Internet in no time at all."

McIntosh said that DSL access is poised to provide mainstream connectivity services this year.

"Now that we've opened up the New York market, we expect DSL to become the hottest product in the online market this year. It will accelerate the development and availability of new services and content, especially e-commerce," McIntosh said.

According to Courtney Munroe, IDC business network services program director, there are 7 million small businesses in the U.S. She said that the small business market is the fastest growing segment for telecommunications services.

"This sector requires comprehensive Internet access and e-commerce solutions that are inexpensive, reliable and flexible." She added that DSL access is a cost-effective tool that gives small companies a global web presence.

DSL technology is capable of providing Internet access speeds up to 126 times faster than a 56 kilobits per second modem. By taking advantage of unused bandwidth on existing telephone lines, the technology allows consumers to use a single phone line to send faxes or make phone calls while surfing the Internet.

Bell Atlantic DSL will be available in areas of Queens, Long Island and Westchester County by early August. Service will be available in parts of Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island beginning in September. By the end of the year, Infospeed DSL service will be available to the majority of Bell Atlantic customers in the New York metropolitan area.

Introduced by Bell Atlantic last fall, the service is already available in parts of the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas and New Jersey.

Entry level DSL service plans start just less than $50 a month. Set-up costs include a one-time $99 network connection fee. For Bell Atlantic subscribers who make a one-year commitment, a DSL modem can be purchased for under $100.