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ICQ Launches Improved E-Mail Service

Longtime instant messaging player ICQ is going the portal route with the launch of two new e-mail services for its 20 million users.

The company has teamed with Mail2World and launched an improved version of ICQmail, a free e-mail service that will offer virus scans, spam filtering, instant e-mail translation in up to seven languages and several other features.

In addition to the ICQmail upgrade, the Israel-based outfit also announced the launch of a new premium mail service that will offer 2 gigabytes of storage and give users the ability to record and send video e-mails that can be viewed on Windows-based PCs. The service will cost $19.99 per year.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Mail2world to provide our users with an easy-to-use and reliable Web-based e-mail service, free of charge," said Danny Ben Shitrit, vice president for Product Marketing at ICQ, in a news release. "Mail2World's solutions have enabled us to offer a highly customizable user experience."

The premium service provides Wireless Application Protocol access, Web-based e-mail. It also allows users to forward messages from computers to mobile phones or other wireless devices anywhere in the world through the Short Message Service (SMS) technology.

It also gives users the ability compress large attachments, schedule delivery of outgoing mail, create distribution groups and set up auto-responses.