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Google's All About The Bloggle

After being in the blogging business for two and half years, Google has released Google Blog Search, in beta.

Google Blog Search is based on Google's search technology specifically focused on the blogosphere. Googlebot automatically crawls blogs that offer RSS or Atom syndication feeds.

In February 2003, Google first officially entered the blogosphere by purchasing Pyra Labs and its Blogger platform.

A Google spokesperson told internetnews.com that Google takes user feedback seriously as it determines product direction and strategy, and therefore took its time to roll out the Blog Search.

"We're pleased to make Google Blog Search available now in response to our users' request for the ability to search over blog content," the Google spokesperson said.

Google notes in its Blog Search FAQ that search results "include all blogs, not just those published through Blogger."

The Blog Search index is regularly updated so that once a new post is noticed by Google, the search results will return the most recent content. The search will return blogs that contain the search query term in their posts, as well as those that contain the search query term in their titles.

David Sifry founder of blog search firm Technorati, commented on his blog that having Google Blog Search serves as validation for the blogosphere.

In July, Technorati tracked more 1.3 billion links and more than 13.3 million blogs with an average daily posting volume topping 900,000.

"I welcome the competition," Sifry blogged. "We've got some tricks up our sleeves too -- and there's no doubt that in the end, the competition will end up producing more innovation and better services for bloggers and readers."

The Google spokesperson said AdWords customers cannot advertise on Google Blog Search. "We're focused on delivering users with a high quality search experience, and do not have monetization details to share at this time."

But Blogger users, as well as blogs in general, can still benefit from the ability to display Google AdSense ads on their blogs.

Google Blog Search can also be accessed through the Blogger Dashboard and/or the Navbar on any Blog*Spot blog.