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Logos Mark Legit E-Mail

E-mail identification firm Iconix launched a service today that displays sender or brand logos in consumer inboxes to signal authenticated e-mails.

The authentication technology, called Truemark, enhances popular e-mail clients by enabling them to display icons in their inboxes to help identify messages from senders they trust.

When an e-mail is received from a business using the service, the company's logo is displayed in the inbox sender column.

"The brand logo is used as a visual indicator that e-mails are authentic and that you can trust the sender," Jeff Wilbur, vice president of marketing at Iconix, said.

In addition to the business application, the e-mail inbox also displays a buddy-icon column, where personalized buddy icons will appear next to messages from known senders, such as friends and family, Wilbur said.

Truemark uses security authentication methods such as Domain Keys and SenderID, so the ID software can verifies messages are from the claimed source.

Wilbur said Truemark is also geared toward helping businesses build and sustain brand identity and distinguish themselves from scams like phishing and pharming.

"Consumers will often delete messages from banks and other businesses rather than risk the possibility of viruses or identity theft," Wilbur said.

The software is available now for Yahoo Mail, and later this month for MSN Hotmail and is expected to be available soon for most popular e-mail clients, according to Wilbur. The client plug-in can downloaded from the company's Web site.

The service is billed on a per-message-sent basis or a flat monthly subscription rate, depending upon volume.

"Businesses pay only when a value-added event occurs," Wilbur said.