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EMC Extends Content Management Push

EMC today added new software solutions for helping customers find, retain and protect data from several digital sources.

EMC Documentum Archive Services for Email and EMC Documentum Archive Services for Reports software were created to help customers search and retrieve information for compliance and legal discovery and content re-use.

Both solutions corral and pinpoint data from e-mail, images, reports, documents, records, videos and even Web sites, said Lubor Ptacek, product director in EMC's software group.

The products are the next leg of the Hopkinton, Mass., company's plan to bring technology from its Documentum, Legato and Acartus acquisitions together to provide more sophisticated storage products.

The industry could need them: Enterprise Strategy Group believes organizations will archive some 4,000 petabytes of data in 2006.

Ptacek said EMC Documentum Archive Services for Email blends the Documentum repository software and Legato archiving solution to provide e-mail archiving for large businesses.

To meet compliance guidelines at a time when Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations weigh heavily on CIOs' minds, the software captures and saves incoming and outgoing e-mail messages.

This product also boasts a message validation to help companies validate their e-mail compliance to regulators and the courts, a key feature should lawyers come calling with subpoenas.

Should litigation rear its head, lawyers can search the archive and deliver messages accurately and with assurance that the chain of custody is intact.

The new Documentum service bears resemblance to EMC's EmailExtender service, a former Legato asset.

But Ptacek said EMC Documentum Archive Services for Email is targeted at customers archiving e-mail and other content types, while EmailXtender strictly archives e-mail.

With such content management and archiving products, EMC's wish is to one day help customers render content in one common environment.

Ptacek also said EMC will eventually target rich media, such as video libraries and libraries of scanned images, VoIP , video conferencing and surveillance tapes for digitization.

The second new tool, EMC Documentum Archive Services for Reports, grabs large volumes of digital reports from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, invoices, statements, bills, wireless devices, debit cards and Web services.

The content is then converted into ISO-standard PDF-A format for long-term preservation, retention policy management and lifecycle-managed storage.

Ptacek said this product, the fruit of EMC's purchase of Acartus last fall, subsumes legacy reporting systems.

"We can essentially put all of the data into a repository, chunk it into smaller pieces and provide those pieces to managers based on their entitlement," Ptacek said.

EMC Documentum Archive Services for Email and EMC Documentum Archive Services for Reports are available, with pricing varying by configuration.

In other EMC news, the company today jazzed up its hardware boxes for small- and medium-sized business, unveiling the Clariion AX150 and AX150i networked storage systems.

The new systems, part of EMC's Insignia line for SMBs, support iSCSI, SATA II disk drives. Both models can be easily installed, and they support up to 10 host servers and scale from 750 gigabytes to six terabytes .

Pricing for the EMC CLARiiON AX150 systems is expected to start at $5,600.