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Wily a SAP For NetWeaver

Walldorf, Germany-based software vendor SAP  has struck a deal with CA's Wily division that will help improve support for its NetWeaver platform.

This is, finally, also some good news for CA , which has sorely been in need of some.

It also provides a glimmer of hope that the acquisition spree launched by new CEO John Swainson is finally bearing fruit.

According to the terms of the deal, customers of SAP's NetWeaver ERP  platform will have read-only access to Wily's Introscope, the same monitoring solution used by SAP's own NetWeaver support organization, Active Global Support (AGS).

Introscope delivers real-time visibility into production environments, enabling IT staff to detect, diagnose and resolve problems before they have time to impact the business.

Paul Melmon, vice president of business and corporate development at Wily, explained that the AGS has already been using Introscope to do remote root-cause analysis and diagnostics for NetWeaver installations.

Now that enterprise IT staff can see the same dashboards as the AGS engineers, they can speak a common language during a support call.

"They can have a common view of how the system is performing," Melmon told internetnews.com.

"This is significantly reducing mean time to repair, and it makes the customer more self-sufficient over time."

Melmon added that this arrangement will also help SAP reduce the cost of customer support.

That will become increasingly critical for the enterprise software giant, as more customers migrate from their legacy R3 systems to NetWeaver.

At the same time, the deal means that SAP customers can contact Wily directly if they're interested in licensing additional Introscope functionalities, which means new sales opportunities for CA.

"SAP is opening their relationship with customers to CA," Melmon said. "This is a very good thing for both companies, which is pretty rare these days."

Indeed, when CA announced its acquisition of Wily in January, at least one analyst noted that Wily's relationships with several enterprise software vendors, including SAP, left something to be desired.

Melmon maintained that Wily was already working well with SAP, but agreed that being acquired by CA "has been an accelerator."

He also said that Wily is having "active discussions about how we can work together more effectively" with Microsoft and Oracle.

All of which should have Swainson smiling.