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Tealeaf Advances 'Customer Experience Management'

Ready to click "Accept" on the shopping cart, customer X leaves the site altogether instead. What happened?

Tealeaf said it can help figure out the answer to this and other questions related to customer's Web site experiences. San Francisco-based Tealeaf said this week's release of a new product, Tealeaf cxView, builds on its family of customer experience analytics applications.

"We exist because the Web is a dynamic model that doesn't always work the way it should," John Dawes, vice president of product management at Tealeaf, told internetnews.com. "With SOA , there are many moving parts and tiers that can break and cause problems with people's experience online."

Tealeaf includes a patented browser replay feature of individual Web sessions, including the specific pages a customer viewed and how he or she interacted with them.

cxView provides e-commerce and other so-called e-businesses with customizable dashboards and scenario impact analysis reports that analyze customer experience metrics. The idea is provide anyone with a stake in the e-business effort, from IT managers to executives, the ability to track key performance indicators (KPI) of the success or failure of online customers at its sites in real time.

"There are a lot of different products that can give you insight into what's going on at your Web site. Tealeaf has a loyal following because it's solved the problem better than anyone else," analyst Susan Aldrich, senior vice president at Patricia Seybold Group, told internetnews.com.

"In the past, they've made it easy for technical people to find out what happened in a particular situation and look at a report. With cxView," continued Aldrich," the reporting is more compelling for business users to look at."

cxView and a new release of Tealeaf CX, the company's flagship product, include several enhancements. Scenario Impact Analysis provides real time reporting of known customer experience issues. Real-Time Dashboards can track in real time when exactly key performance indicators exceed or fall below defined business goals.

The replay feature has been a staple of the Tealeaf product, and now adds support for Flex and Flash applications as well as previously announced support for Ajax-based apps.