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Google Buys More Web Security

Considering how dependent Google's success is on the underlying security of the Web, it should come as no surprise that the company has a vested interest in Web security.

To that end the search giant has picked up anti-malware firm Green Border for an undisclosed sum.

A Google spokesperson said the company will not disclose additional terms of the deal, but added that GreenBorder's engineers will help build products and features that will benefit Google's users, advertisers and publishers.

GreenBorder Web site that states, "GreenBorder Technologies, Inc. has been acquired by Google, Inc. We will continue to support our existing customers through the end of their current subscriptions."

GreenBorder produces technology that separates the browser context from the operating system context creating what is essentially a virtualized browser instance that can then be used to identify malcode without impacting the underlying system.

"GreenBorder creates a protected environment on your computer," the company's Web site states. "Any type of activity and interaction, while you are on the Internet, will be directed to the protected environment."

It is not yet known how Google will integrate the GreenBorder technology with its own, though Google certainly has not shied away from security in the past. The Google Toolbar includes Safe Browsing technology developed by Google that helps to identify potential phishing Web sites. The Safe Browsing technology is now also a key part of the Firefox 2.x browser.