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Wind Shift at Technorati

David Sifry is out as CEO at the blog search engine Technorati. In his stead, Teresa Malo, CFO, Dorion Carroll, vice president of engineering, and Derek Gordon, vice president of Marketing, will operate as a committee of the office of the president. Sifry will become chairman of the board.

"It was just a matter of time before I made a transition," Sifry said in a blog post to announce his move. Sifry explained that his passion is for the "the sense of mission" and the "blue sky" innovation inherent in start-ups. He describes an idea as "a whiff of air over vocal cords."

Sifry said that Peter Hirschberg will continue as "rainmaker-in- chief," leading Technorati's Conversational Marketing initiative, corporate development and public relations.

In addition to Sifry's news, eight other Technorati employees left the office for the last time, too, as a result of lay-offs. "We needed to adjust our expense structure to be more appropriately aligned with our priorities moving forward," Sifry said.

Since founding Technorati, Sifry's shared plenty of ideas. One of his favorites is that the big winners on the Internet will be those company's that understand the "economy of attention."

"What's really scarce is people's time," Sifry said in 2006.

"When we're living in a world of 40 million bloggers and everybody and their sister trying to bombard you with stuff, those technologies that help me manage time are where real value is."

But Technorati, Sifry said, isn't a place for idea-making any longer. It's reached its "revenue-stage," which Sifry said "strikes me with a bit of sadness."

Meanwhile, the search for Technorati's next CEO, which began in the spring, continues.