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ClearWorks Embraces Wireless

, Thursday moved to leverage its bundled broadband digital services, acquiring wireless product company Link 2 Communications.

The acquisition will marry ClearWorks Communications Inc. , "last mile" solution of high-speed access and services with Link 2 Communication's wireless technology. The company hopes to add $10 million in new revenues to its coffers in the first 12 months after the merger.

Federal Communications Commission wireless licenses and its status as a national common carrier targeted Link 2 Communications for acquisition. It clears the way for immediate wireless deployment by ClearWorks of its own product line.

ClearWorks markets its "Fiber To The Home" bundled services, providing high-speed Internet connectivity, multi-channel video and community intranets.

Michael McClere, ClearWorks.net chief executive officer, said the letter of intent marks the beginning of its wireless ventures.

"The acquisition of Link 2 Communications provides ClearWorks with an important wireless component to our telecommunications strategy," McClere said.

"The wireless telecommunications solutions that Link 2 possess are perfect for retrofitting our technology into businesses and communities where laying fiber optic cable is not a choice. The existing wireless network and tower leases will provide for an entire new customer base previously unreachable by ClearWorks. We plan to begin rollout of wireless services as soon as practically possible."

ClearWorks has been busy remaking its image as a bundled service provider to offerings more on par with carriers AT&T Corp. and Worldcom.

Last week, the company acquired LDConnect, a voice-over-IP worldwide long distance provider. The acquisition frees ClearWorks from its reseller status to provide long distance services on its own.