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Supernews Becomes 'RemarQ', Begins Usenet Promotion

Discussion group firm Supernews Inc. Monday changed its name to RemarQ Communities, Inc. as part of a strategy to promote Usenet discussions to mainstream Internet users.

The company currently provides a portal site to various discussion groups in categories such as computers, humanities, entertainment, government, science, classifieds, sports and health.

The goal is to make discussion groups as popular and easy-to-use as e-mail, the company said. The strategy also included a relaunch of its Web site and the hiring of Sue Barsamian as its new vice president of marketing.

"Our primary focus is to bring Usenet discussion communities to a mainstream Web audience by targeting key partnerships as our distribution strategy," said Bill Lee, RemarQ CEO. "We believe there is a huge market opportunity to bring discussion groups to mainstream audiences using a Web interface."

"The Supernews name has served us well, but it is time to take a fresh look at the company--the 'RemarQ' brand name will more clearly reflect our activities and give us freedom to explore other related business areas."