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LMDS Pioneer CellularVision Gets New Identity

CellularVision USA Inc., one of the first ISPs in the country to offer high-speed services using Local Multipoint Distribution Service, or LMDS, Tuesday announced it is changing its name to SpeedUS.com.

The news comes a month after the company decided to sell its LMDS spectrum and subscription television service to focus solely on Internet networking solutions.

The company now serves New York metropolitan area, offering Internet access and its high-speed modem, SPEED. With SPEED, connections through its cellular network can reach 48 megabites per second, or about 1,700 times the downstream capability of a standard 28.8 kbps modem, the company said.

The company's stock symbol will also change. Previously traded under the symbol CVUS, the new NASDAQ symbol will be SPDE.

SPEED modems are currently only available from the company for $350 and signal coverage is currently limited to parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.