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Digitalroot Scores Distribution Deal

Do-it-yourself ad buy company digitalroot hopes to increase its sales through a partnership with e-commerce technology company eCongo, the companies said Tuesday.

Silicon Alley-based digitalroot allows advertisers to automate the online advertising process, from banner ad creation to media buys. The do-it-yourself ad sales and optimization service appeals to smaller advertisers, who can't afford sizable sales staffs or creative budgets.

Digitalroot also lets smaller advertisers aggregate their media buys to purchase inventory on big-name Web publishers, similarly to the way B2C e-commerce site Mercata or B2B play MobShop get lower prices in return for automatically combining customers' orders to buy in bulk. Digitalroot has several publishers signed to accept advertising, including CBSMarketWatch.com, The Motley Fool and FOXSports.com, who gain by being able to move unsold inventory.

Under the terms of Tuesday's partnership, businesses that utilize Los Gatos, Calif.-based eCongo's e-business software to set up an online store will also have access to digitalroot's automated ad creation and purchasing services.

Digitalroot's package will be included with eCongo's Powered Commerce product, a private-label software suite aimed at telcos, banks, and other large companies, which in turn will use the software to enable their small business customers to create e-businesses. The digitalroot automated ad buy service will come as a part of that software suite.

"Digitalroot's outstanding service adds incredible value for our e-business customers," said eCongo founder and chief executive Rick Asturias. It "put high-powered advertising capabilities within reach of even the newest arrivals to the world of e-business, who might not be up to the minimum buy requirements of brand-name Internet publishers. We're very pleased to be able to add one more invaluable tool to the eCongo e-business package."

The deal comes soon after digitalroot earlier this month inked a deal with Web content site 4anything.com, that makes ad-buying opportunities available directly through its site. The company has said it sees publishers and third party partners -- like eCongo -- as its chief sales channels.

"eCongo's Powered Commerce is an ideal environment for our automated ad buying platform," said digitalroot business development director Rob Kunis. "Not only will our service assist eCongo's business customers in better allocating their advertising dollars, but they'll also have much more control over where their ads are placed."