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SkyGo to Add "Click-to-Buy" To Wireless Ads

Wireless marketing technology firm SkyGo announced Tuesday that it will offer its clients "click-to-buy" functions through a deal with e-commerce middleman firm Qpass. Under the terms of the agreement, wireless promotions delivered through SkyGo's wireless ad network will have Qpass' "Click-to-Buy" functionality, smoothing the progress of transactions from promotion to purchase.

"To accelerate the widespread adoption of m-commerce, companies must reach out to consumers -- engaging them in this new medium, guiding them to the product information they need and then providing them with an easy path to action," said SkyGo co-founder and chief executive officer Daren Tsui. "Targeted, compelling and convenient wireless marketing drives m-commerce."

The deal aims to make mobile marketing -- still in its infancy -- more like Web advertising, which can include features like in-banner transactions.

Redwood City, Calif.-based SkyGo's platform provides carriers, site publishers and advertisers with the ability to deliver permission-based targeted marketing messages through a banner ad network, or on the short messaging service (SMS) platform. The company's technology already provides "click-to-call" services for recipients with mobile phones.

Now, through Tuesday's agreement, Seattle-based Qpass will connect SkyGo's ads with a merchant's transaction engine, and it will handle payment information for transactions through the system.

"Working together will enable SkyGo to offer its merchants an immediate 'buy now' functionality in conjunction with real-time promotional offers, making these offers even more compelling to consumers," Qpass co-founder and chief executive Chase Franklin said.

Qpass will offer SkyGo's marketing products to clients through the deal, Franklin said

This isn't SkyGo's first work integrating "click-to-buy" technology into its system. Earlier in 2000, SkyGo launched a similar four-month pilot program with credit card firm NextCard, which eventually was rolled into the company's ongoing Boulder, Colo. marketing survey. That survey provided residents with WAP devices, with the goal of studying the impact and effectiveness of various forms of wireless marketing.