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IAR Bits and Bytes for Thursday

Lysis Integrates Real Media's Open AdStream for iTV

New York City-based Real Media Inc. signed a deal by which Lysis SA, a provider of business software solutions for broadcast and interactive television will integrate Real Media's Open AdStream technology into the Lysis Interactive iTV platform.

The integration is designed to create new revenue opportunities for network operators and broadcasters, the companies said. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

The Real Media/Lysis solution allows broadcasters to plan interactive banner ad campaigns through the Open AdStream user interface.

At the time when interactive content is scheduled to be broadcast, the Lysis broadcast management system will insert banner ads from the Open AdStream server according to the type of content being delivered, the time of day or other categories defined by the operator or broadcaster.

The ads will be broadcast with triggers enabling consumers to click through to out-of-band microsites developed by the advertiser.

"This is an industry first," said Greg Levitt, director of corporate development at Real Media. "Dynamic ad insertion greatly enhances the flexibility and value of iTV advertising campaigns."

Lausanne, Switzerland-based Lysis develops and markets software solutions for the management and delivery of digital multimedia content over broadband networks (DVB, ATSC, IP).

Kyocera Bundles AvantGo Service With Smartphones

San Mateo, Calif.-based AvantGo Inc. said that San Diego-based Kyocera Wireless Corp. will bundle AvantGo's consumer service software with the Kyocera QCP 6035 Smartphone handsets offered through select CDMA carriers.

Smartphone users will have access to the AvantGo service with over 1,000 interactive and personalized content and application channels. Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed, but AvantGo gets ad revenue from its consumer service.

The AvantGo mobile Internet service provides users with wireless and off-line access to the Web and over 1,000 channels of content and applications optimized for mobile device small screens, featuring news, sports, finance, entertainment, business, etc.

Kyocera Smartphone users will be able to access the AvantGo service wirelessly for flight schedule updates, e-mail, stock quotes, directions or maps, or they can wirelessly synchronize information to their phones for off-line use.

"The combination of the Kyocera Smartphone and AvantGo software will allow users to define and download the content and applications they want anytime, anywhere," said Gary Koerper, director of the Smartphone business segment at Kyocera.