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JAWZ: We Got the Funk

JAWZ Inc. (Nasdaq:JAWZ), a leader in secure information management solutions, announced today (Dec 18) that it has been chosen by Funk Software as its new North American Partner to offer and integrate Funk Software's Steel-Belted Radius servers to JAWZ clients.

"We are very pleased to have JAWZ as one of our authorized reseller partners," said Joe Ryan, Vice President at Funk Software. "Their security expertise coupled with their ability to architect customer solutions which integrate a variety of technologies makes them an ideal representative of our Steel-Belted Radius family of RADIUS/AAA servers. They are uniquely equipped to offer a Steel-Belted Radius-based solution to a wide range of vertical markets, carriers, and wireless operators."

Funk Software's Steel-Belted Radius is an authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) server that verifies remote users accessing corporate networks. It features a high degree of interoperability in that it supports any remote access device -including remote access servers, firewalls, routers, VPNs and token authentication systems. These systems are recommended and supported by JAWZ Secure Business Solutions.

"Funk Software expands JAWZ mission critical information security product solutions," said Rosaleen Citron, VP products at JAWZ Inc. "The Steel-Belted Radius Server suite can be customized to fit the diverse needs of our vertical market clients with Funk Software's three product offerings."

Funk Software's foundation technology, the RADIUS/AAA server, allows the centralization of authentication functions for all remote users while tracking and logging all remote access activity as required by Government, Financial, Health Care and Emerging vertical markets. The Service Provider Edition delivers a total solution to meet millions of sessions served daily as required by Telecommunications, ASP and ISP clients. The Advanced Wireless Edition delivers the Mobile IP address management required by next-generation 3G wireless networks.

"Funk Software's award-winning Steel-Belted Server suite can be customized to meet the requirements of today's wireless networks and has been chosen as the preferred, top-of-the-line solution of many wireless operators," added Robert Kubbernus, chairman and CEO, JAWZ Inc. "JAWZ is moving rapidly into the M-Business (Mobile Business) wireless arena, the next wave for networked businesses."

In use on thousands of enterprise and service provider networks worldwide, Steel-Belted Radius delivers a RADIUS solution on the scale required by the largest wireless operators, carriers and service providers, and scales easily to meet the centralized authentication needs of the enterprise. Its customers include Northern Light, Allegiance Telecom, IKANO Communications, webMD and Baylor University. The Steel-Belted Radius family of RADIUS servers includes Steel-Belted Radius/Enterprise Edition, Steel-Belted Radius/Service Provider Edition, Steel-Belted Radius/Advanced Wireless Edition and the Steel-Belted Radius Concurrency Server.

JAWZ Inc.'s products and services line includes security software products, consulting services and secure Internet and remote data storage services. These products are offered to key client groups including governments, law enforcement, healthcare providers, financial services, e-commerce businesses, ISPs and ASPs. It has 50 established strategic partnerships and approximately 400 corporate clients.

JAWZ is one of the 25 founding members of the ASP Industry Consortium which launched in May 1999, and John Leckie, JAWZ Executive VP, sits on its Board of Directors.

JAWZ was co-founded by Cameron Chell, who also founded ASP pioneer FutureLink and consumer ASP cMeRun, founded and serves as Vice Chair of the ASP Industry Consortium, and currently serves as chairman and CEO o