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TeamOn Joins McAfee.com's Business Corner

McAfee.com (Nasdaq:MCAF), the security ASP from the leading anti-virus software maker, will begin offering TeamOn's online office service to McAfee.com's more than 650,000 subscribers, the company announced today (Dec 18).

Under the partnership agreement, TeamOn.com will offer its online office, which includes web-based company-wide e-mail, document sharing and storage, calendars and contact management, as part of McAfee.com's online Business Corner. McAfee.com will drive sign-ups and promote the TeamOn service to the security site's 400,000 daily visitors.

"As a leading security ASP, it is important for us to promote products like TeamOn's to provide our business subscribers with superior communication and collaboration tools," said Patti Dock, VP marketing, McAfee.com. "As more business applications begin to migrate to the web, it is important we provide a safe and secure environment for small businesses to communicate over the Internet."

In addition to the service partnership, TeamOn.com has signed a two-year agreement with McAfee.com to offer their virus scan application to TeamOn's Professional Service customers. The feature gives those TeamOn users the ability to protect their PCs against viruses by allowing them to scan e-mail attachments and documents stored in the web-based TeamOn service before downloading them.

"This partnership is a great fit to reach out to small businesses, because it addresses their concerns about online security," said Shirish Nadkarni, founder and CEO of TeamOn.com. "TeamOn offers a secure online environment for small businesses, which includes password-protected secure e-mail and SSL-encrypted login. McAfee.com's virus scan enhances TeamOn's already strong set of security features."

Nadkarni, a recognized expert on web-based e-mail and collaboration tools, founded TeamOn.com in 1999 after a 12-year career at Microsoft. Nadkarni helped establish Microsoft as a leader in the PC messaging market, and as a senior executive at MSN.com was responsible for Microsoft's acquisition of Hotmail.

The alliance with McAfee.com is one of 27 strategic partnerships that TeamOn.com has forged this year in an aggressive effort to reach out to small businesses.

"Our success in forging partnerships with companies such as McAfee.com comes with our ability to offer our partners a sticky, high-usage application that's tightly integrated with their web offering," Nadkarni said. "As the small business target market continues to grow in importance, we can help our partners provide a valuable resource for their small business customers, and through this distribution channel effectively expand the TeamOn user base."