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Datalink.net Reaches for Five Star Advantage

Datalink.net, the wireless ASP and infrastructure architect, purchased Five Star Advantage Inc., an efulfillment company, for an undisclosed sum.

Five Star Advantage, which generated revenues of approximately $6 million last year, specializes in turning "brick and mortar" companies into "click and mortar" companies.

This purchase, Datalink.net's fourth in five months, is in line with the company's strategy to dominate key vertical sectors of the wireless economy, according to Anthony N. LaPine, Datalink.net chairman and CEO.

"The acquisition enhances our market share in proven solutions for ecommerce," he said. "With our recent acquisition of WaresOntheWeb and now Five Star Advantage, our company is positioning itself with capabilities that cover the entire spectrum of the enterprise, ecommerce market," LaPine said. "These companies will serve as the core of our foundation for the new m-commerce marketplace."

Five Star Advantage, Inc. and its parent company Tech-Ni-Comm, Inc. were purchased in a stock for stock transaction, resulting in an approximate 3.5 percent dilution of Datalink.net's common stock.

In October the company acquired WaresOnTheWeb, which provides Internet retailing and distribution, m-Commerce, and supply chain ASP solutions to various vertical markets. Prior to that, it purchased Simkin, a data management and decision support provider for the medical community, and Cross Communications Inc., a wireless data communications solutions provider.