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Conxion Launches European Managed Hosting Services

[London, ENGLAND] Internet hosting company Conxion Corporation announced Thursday the launch of hosting services in Europe.

Conxion will operate from data centers in London, Amsterdam and Brussels, providing services similar to those it already provides its U.S. customers such as Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, Seagate and Visa.

Conxion also said Thursday it is teaming up with "a major European communications company" to provide hosting services under a three-year agreement for the company's corporate customers.

However, Conxion has remained coy about revealing the name of its customer, saying simply that the European company will sell Conxion's services via its worldwide sales force -- suggesting that it is a reasonably substantial, possibly huge operation.

"We believe it's important to launch our managed hosting services in Europe with a respected partner that has an established customer base of multinational corporations," said Antonio Salerno, Conxion's founder and chief executive officer.

Conxion's offering is distinguished by its brave FailSafe 99.999 percent uptime guarantee. If the service fails for more than 30 seconds the customer gets a free month of hosting.

At present, Conxion's European network features dual redundant connectivity between both London and Amsterdam to its Tier-1 network in the United States. It plans to add similar connectivity between its data centers in Amsterdam, Brussels and London over the next year.

Conxion purchased network and data center infrastructure from Versatel Telecom International in August 2000 and has spent six months upgrading it to introduce managed services.

An early European client is graphics arts house StudioEU, hosted at the Amsterdam facility. For this client Conxion will provide high-bandwidth services for distributing digital photographs and other images to graphic arts professionals around the world.

Researchers believe that managed hosting will grow significantly in Europe over the next few years. A recent study by IDC says it will grow from US $783 million in 2001 to over US $2.8 billion by the end of 2004.

Another report, to be released shortly by Ovum, entitled "Web Hosting, Usage and Markets," confirms the trend.

"Companies like Conxion are wise to try to grab market share in this potentially lucrative growth market," said Christina Kasica, senior consultant at Ovum and lead author of the report.

With growth, however, comes competition. Telecom operators, software companies, ISPs and other companies are offering hosting services in Europe -- and many of them will wish to add value to their offerings by adding full managed services.