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Exodus to Offer Volera's Content Exchange Service

Volera didn't take long to get its party started. A couple weeks after spinning off from Novell Inc., the content exchange lent its flagship product to Web host Exodus Communications Inc.

In its first ever partnership and reseller agreement, Volera will offer its Content Exchange, a server-side acceleration service, to Exodus' slew of vendors in its data center network. That's a total of over 4,000 customers worldwide.

Financial details of the agreement were not made public.

Volera's Content Exchange expands on Exodus' first tier, or server-side acceleration layer, which gives customers the power to provide faster, richer content to its customers minus additional hardware expense. The service also prepares content on the fly for delivery to the Mirror Image network.

The two companies have already begun deployment and will co-market the service. The solution will be billed based on monthly usage and will include constant monitoring, site reporting and logs, as well as call center support.

At a time when many tech companies are gasping for air or are suffering from consumer purchasing stagnation, getting content to clients quicker than the competition is imperative.

In fact, as active as Exodus has been and Volera hopes to be, they aren't the only ones playing for stakes in the CDN game. Several companies, led by Inktomi Corp., forged a Content Bridge that has expanded regularly since its launch last fall.

The synergy of that deal is important: Inktomi delivers network infrastructure technology at the backbone, while Adero is responsible for updating content across member networks, as well as provide centralized billing and settlement services for cross-network transactions.

Even service provider America Online Inc., who would seem to have the least in common with the tech firms in the Content Bridge matrix, jumped in to the game by agreeing to deploy the bridge among its considerable user base.