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interBiz Unveils Migration Service

interBiz Online Group, an Islandia, NY-based business unit of the eBusiness applications division of Computer Associates International Inc. (NYSE: CA), Tuesday (Feb 20) announced a managed application migration service to provide a short-term hosting service that will allow companies to rapidly customize their software applications in a securely hosted environment.

The program expedites upgrades and additions to licensed interBiz software systems – including finance, supply chain, human resources, banking and eCommerce – and can even transition these software applications to new platforms.

The interBiz short-term hosting service is available to companies that already hold a current license for any interBiz application modules. For a monthly fee, interBiz Online Group will manage all infrastructure operations and will migrate and customize the software applications according to each customer's specific needs. After completing the migration process, companies can either run their new applications and converted data on their internal IT system, or they can continue to host their software systems with the interBiz Online Group.

"Our program saves companies precious time and internal resources while providing a secure place to update and tailor their software programs," says Eli Goodrich, vice president, interBiz Online Group. "A data migration project that used to take ten to twelve months to complete can now be accomplished in 120 days. This service is valuable for companies of all sizes. It enables small and mid-size businesses to compete against companies with large IT capabilities and it allows corporations to update their IT system cost-effectively on a regular basis."

According to the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), one of the top concerns of businesses when dealing with ASPs is the loss of control over their own infrastructure and security. To ensure a rapid and secure migration of the software applications, the interBiz Online Group performs a careful analysis of all data and customer requirements, before establishing a hosting environment on a test Web server.

The interBiz Online Group maintains the hardware, software, databases and application code during the migration process. Companies can add other Internet-compatible and customizable applications to establish a fully integrated eBusiness system. Throughout the migration process, the customer has permanent access via an assigned URL to perform data integrity checks, test the current software release and to educate users about features and functions. At the end of the project, all data will be returned to the customer.

"ASPs have to overcome the challenge of providing premium services in a quickly changing market place," said Jennifer Rosenberg, an analyst at TeleChoice. "Their success is determined by the quality of the IT system -- regular software updates, usually a cost burden for the enterprise, are among the key factors. Short-term hosting solutions will give companies the opportunity to minimize their IT costs while improving their offerings."

Companies choosing to continue the hosting program after the short-term migration process will be provided with the necessary hard drives to store programs, content files and databases. interBiz will constantly monitor their network systems and provide maximum security for both the server and the in-house IT systems.