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USinterworking Expands European Data Center Capacity

Application service provider USinternetworking, Inc. is opening a new data center in Dublin, Ireland, to meet the growing international requirements of U.S. multinational clients. The new data center utilizes the company's Global Services Platform (GSP), an integrated operating platform designed to deliver enterprise software as a service.

USi's Global Network, computing platform, storage area network, security architecture and service provisioning and management system are the core components in the technology and operations stack that comprise the GSP.

Over the last three years, the Annapolis, Md.-based USi has optimized the GSP so that it is portable to third party data center operations and able to deliver the same reliability and scalability as achieved in its own North American Enterprise Data Centers.

"We're excited about this next phase of our international expansion, permitting USi to provide additional capabilities to its growing list of U.S. multinational clients," said Andy Stern, chief executive officer of USi. "By providing multinational organizations the ability to tightly manage enterprise applications through a single point of contact, USi allows them to expand globally in an efficient, lower risk manner."

To house its newest data center, USi has entered into an agreement with CityReach International (CRI), a builder and operator data centers, to lease space in its Dublin facility. USi's data center within a data center consists of dedicated space within CRI's secure physical plant, with all hardware and software used to deliver client services under the exclusive control of USi.