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Sun and XACCT Join Forces On Internet Data Centers

Executives at XACCT Technologies, a software solutions company for IP networks, and Palo Alto-based networking giant Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) jointly announced Tuesday a new way to let Internet Data Centers (iDCs) find out more about what customers want out of their networks and services.

The goal of the partnership is to enable data centers to analyze and forecast usage trends, and then suggest services to attract and retain customers as well as establish profitable service models.

"They (iDCs) are proving to be a very viable option for organizations that don't want to invest in costly proprietary infrastructure," says Sun Microsystems VP of sales development and marketing Tim Dwyer.

iDCs are shared-infrastructure facilities that allow multiple organizations to economically host a variety of Internet servers and services. Some provide co-location, hosting and ASP services and are often located in several sites. An iDC's success in the Internet economy depends on its ability to capture revenue for services, monitor traffic patterns, model consumer and business trends, and meet pre-defined service level agreements for their hosted customers.

To coordinate their efforts, Santa Clara-based XACCT will run its Network-to-Business platform on Solaris and Sun Servers.

"In fact, over 90 percent of all XACCT installations are on Sun servers," says XACCT CEO Eric Gries.