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Broadwing and EMC Create Optical Media Centers

OH-based Broadwing Inc. (NYSE:BRW), today announced that it has teamed with EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) combining Broadwing's industry-first, intelligent all-optical, switched network with EMC's enterprise storage solutions to create Optical Media Centers.

These next-generation hosting centers are part of Broadwing's nationwide fabric of 11 web-hosting centers and managed services capabilities that provide bandwidth-intensive and content-rich applications for streaming media, broadcast television, and medical imaging.

Broadwing's Optical Media Centers reside directly upon the industry's first and only intelligent, optical, switched network and provide the leading environment for complex web-hosting and storage area network applications. Broadwing OMCs are located in Cincinnati, Dallas, Santa Clara and New York City.

"The next Internet frontier will be populated by broadcast-quality video, CD-quality audio, 3-dimensional imaging, and other content-rich applications that will require the combination of deep storage and high-bandwidth networks to consolidate previously unimaginable amounts of data for easy storage and retrieval by users," said Rick Ellenberger, president and CEO of Broadwing. "The combination of Broadwing's 'killer platform' with EMC's premier enterprise storage solutions fulfills the long-held promise of delivering rich content on-demand to leading corporations, governments, and educational institutions."

As part of the relationship, Broadwing becomes a member in EMC's xSPerience Provider Program, allowing Broadwing access to EMC expertise in the areas of business planning, infrastructure planning and development, product integration and differentiation, as well as sales and marketing support.

"Broadwing's first-of-its-kind all-optical network is the power plant of the digital economy and expands the capabilities of the EMC information infrastructure like never before," said Joe Tucci, CEO of EMC. "These Optical Media Centers will enable Broadwing to provide its business customers reliable access to information and keep up with the ever-growing demand for storage in tomorrow's content-driven world."