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Dirig Revamps its Lineup

Nashua, N.H.-based application and system management software vendor Dirig Software this week unveiled version 3.0 of its Proctor management technology, with 3 tiered levels of service and added features like an integrated database, XML support and SNMP data import capabilities.

"The new packaging makes us more competitive," Dirig Product Marketing Manager Frank Moreno told InternetNews. "It especially makes us stronger in the OEM area – appliance vendors can go to market with the software loaded."

The Dirig management solutions employ the Proctor technology by placing agents on individual servers to monitor and proactively manage system and application resources. With the release of version 3.0, Dirig offers three levels of functionality – a System Management Agent, an Application Management Agent and an Application Server (Component) Management Agent.

The choice of the three agents enables users to select the solution that best meets the management requirements specific to their environment, while the functionality accrues at each level, maintaining the need for only one agent for complete system, application and component management.

"In the past, we offered a single agent with all the features and functionality built in," Moreno said. "Now it's broken up into three levels, from the affordable, lightweight System Management to the full-featured Application Server (Component) Management Agent."

With version 3.0, Dirig has also added some significant features to its core Proctor technology. It now sports an integrated MySQL database with the Proctor Management Console, where previously information was stored and accessed by other solutions via a flat file. XML support allows Proctor users to obtain dynamic data through XML over HTTP from any Proctor agent. And while previous versions of Proctor agents were capable of sending SNMP data out to other management solutions, version 3.0 can now import or fetch as well as threshold on SNMP data from network equipment or other SNMP devices.

One of the first companies to take advantage of Proctor 3.0 is Aprisma Management Technologies, a Durham, N.H.-based subsidiary of Dirig investor Cabletron. The two companies have extended their existing strategic partnership through an Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) agreement enabling the integration of Aprisma's SPECTRUM infrastructure management solution with Proctor's applications and server monitoring capabilities.

"Aprisma focuses on service delivery management. With our inductive modeling technology, we're able to find faults and get to the root cause of component problems," Frank Hayes, Aprisma's senior director of product marketing, told InternetNews. "With Dirig, we expand our abilities to cover a broader infrastructure, including system and application management. Dirig's software allows us to isolate the root cause quicker than ever before."

The target for Aprisma's SPECTRUM Application Manager are service providers and large enterprises providing services to its employees. "These types of companies are putting their brand on the line. It's absolutely critical that they can predict problems and correct them on the fly," Hayes said. "Downtime costs money. It's essential for companies like Aprisma to give the broader views."