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Odigo Jumps Into Text Messaging

In partnership with two overseas-based wireless firms, Silicon Alley software start-up Odigo Inc. plans to jump into the red-hot Short Message Service (SMS) space.

Odigo, which builds IM software for corporate clients and promotes IM interoperability among competing platforms, has inked a three-way deal with Toronto-based Diversinet Corp. and Italy's Wireless Solutions to develop and market a new "Mobile SMS - Instant Messaging Gateway."

The SMS/IM gateway would support two-way instant messaging between a carrier's SMS and IM networks, clearing the way for text messages to be sent from cell phones to desktop PCs seamlessly.

"The new service will allow end users to send and receive secure messages to and from enabled mobile devices using Odigo's IM service and other major instant messaging networks over Wireless Solutions' SMS Gateway," the companies said.

For New York-based Odigo, the deal is another chip to help market software services to its 140 corporate clients, which include wireless carriers, landline telcos, Web portals and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Earlier this week, Odigo announced a partnership with ActiveBuddy Inc. to place interactive "bots" or agents on the Odigo IM platform.

ActiveBuddy's interactive agents are programmed to understand and respond to natural language instant messaging requests.

Separately, ActiveBuddy announced a partnership with Denver-based Jabber, Inc. to market its interactive agent technology to Jabber clients.