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Starwire Powers Crosswalk.com

Web-based network service provider Starwire Corp. today announced the re-launch of Christian portal Crosswalk.com using Starwire Interlink content management and infrastructure software.

Since its inception, Crosswalk.com had managed its technology infrastructure internally. Recently, Crosswalk.com made the decision to outsource all content management software and Internet infrastructure to Starwire in order to cut costs and focus on its core competency of creating and managing content.

"Starwire has delivered content and infrastructure solutions that allowed us to increase our flexibility and our quality while reducing our labor costs," said Scott Fehrenbacher, CEO of Crosswalk.com. "They have helped us better manage our content resources and will allow us to grow and spread our message even further. They have also increased the flexibility of our network infrastructure and overall operations."

Starwire Interlink enables users to create, maintain, syndicate, and exchange content across sites within Web-based networks. Starwire Interlink allows for dynamic control of content across multiple Web properties and provides a managed infrastructure for both public and private networked communities.

By using Starwire Interlink, Crosswalk.com enhanced its content management system, cut down on technology costs, and streamlined technical issues. Starwire Interlink has enabled core staff to focus on creating quality content and to better maneuver it within the Web layout. The new Crosswalk.com site features an improved look and feel, cleaner functionality and easier-to-use tools. Additionally, Crosswalk.com distributes its content to the more than 3,000 sites on the Christianity.com Network.

"Our role is to serve organizations by taking away the technology pain they feel so that they can focus on what they do best," said Dave Jaworski, Starwire CEO. "We are excited about providing services for Crosswalk.com and helping them to succeed in their mission."

Backed by lead investors Sequoia Capital and the Christian Broadcasting Network, Starwire has received $44.5 million in funding to date. Starwire is headquartered in Hayward, Calif.