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Fedora 17 Beta Advances the Linux Desktop

fedora 17 Beefy Miracle

From the 'Linux Desktop Miracle' files:

Fedora 17 is a Beefy Miracle – full of server focused enhancements, like a complete OpenStack. It's also one fine desktop Linux release.

Headlining the release is GNOME 3.4, which could well be the first 'usable' GNOME 3.x/Shell desktop . The desktop isn't just about GNOME though, the Beefy Miracle has lots more desktop condiments to flavor this meaty release.

Among the other desktop innovations in Fedora 17 is the Font Configuration Tool, which enables a per language customization of fonts.

"The user requirements of desktop fonts are diverse, no single configuration can satisfy all user requirements," Fedora's feature wiki states.

Another interesting desktop feature is the English Typing Booster. This is a predictive input technology. Yeaah, I know, these kind of things always have 'interesting' errors but it is a step forward for productivity and efficiency on the Linux desktop.

"Fedora will get a new input method for English language, which will enhance the text creation process, and end users will be able to type more accurately and faster with this input method," Fedora's feature wiki states. " English typing booster offers features such as, prediction of words (auto-completion), suggestions of words if the user misspells: suggestions are by frequency of use. This feature will give Fedora users a interesting, more modern input experience. "

Going a step further beyond the traditional desktop, are the beginning of true multi-touch support in Fedora 17. This is still somewhat preliminary, but it is the underlying plumbing that could one day fully enable Fedora for touch on say a mobile device (or a hybrid Ultrabook).

No, Fedora isn't embracing a HUD model, like the one that Ubuntu will have. Fedora 17 will not be a revolutionary Linux desktop, but it is one that is very functional that I suspect a lot of Linux users, new and old will really enjoy.

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