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Git PHP. RIP Subversion


From the 'We all Git It' files:

In the early days of open source development many devs used cvs. Then lots of people migrated to the next gen of cvs with SVN (Subversion) and now the third wave is the move to Git.

The PHP open source project his week joined the growing ranks of projects big and small that use Git. By moving to Git, I fully expect that PHP development will accelerate. The gap between recent PHP releases hasn't been great - PHP 5.4 came out at the beginning of March over two years after PHP 5.3.

Git provides better distributed development capabilities with its unparalleled clone/fork features. With PHP on Git, I think we can expect to see more activity than we've seen in years.

"You can clone or fork the source from our GitHub mirror, and we also now support pull requests made via GitHub. The source is also available via git.php.net, and full instructions on cloning the php-src tree can be found at php.net/git."

The move to Git for PHP is another nail in the coffin of Subversion when it comes to open source projects. Git is the defacto standard now and that's not going to change anytime soon.


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