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#Interop Goes YoYo

f5 claw InteropFrom the 'Yo Yo Network' files:

There is never a shortage of interesting things that show up on the show floor of a conference, Interop 2012 is no exception.
While there is no boxing ring with fighters this year (thnx Xirrus!), there were some interesting 'shenanigans' that vendors had to try and entice people.

F5 had THE CLAW as a way to grab your schwag, which was kinda neat. There are always the magician types, the hot cars and motorcycles. This year, vendor ExtraHop has the U.S. YoYo champion.

And yes, for the record it did get me stop at the ExtraHop booth.

Lucky for you dear reader, I also recorded it so you too can enjoy the intersection of the YoYo and enterprise IT.