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Mozilla Rust Programming Language Hits Version 1.3

From the 'oxidized programming' files:

The Mozilla backed RUST programming language is moving forward this week with the Rust 1.3 release which benefits from nearly 900 changes. As is the case with most new RUSTsoftware, performance is a key area of improvement.

Rust got started in 2009 and had been steadily improving ever since.

Among the big highlights of the 1.3 milestone are:

  • The new object lifetime defaults have been turned on after a cycle of warnings about the change. Now types like &'a Box<Trait> (or &'a Rc<Trait>, etc) will change from being interpreted as &'a Box<Trait+'a> to &'a Box<Trait+'static>.
  • The Rustonomicon is a new book in the official documentation that dives into writing unsafe Rust.
  • The Duration API, has been stabilized. This basic unit of timekeeping is employed by other std APIs, as well as out-of-tree time crates.

The full release notes for Rust 1.3 are available on Github

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