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Open Source OpenStack Quantum Networking Renamed to Neutron?

OpenStack - RoundedFrom the 'Doing the Neutron Dance' files:

Technology nomenclature is always a 'funny' business. Case in point, the soon to be renamed OpenStack Quantum networking project.

I first heard about/wrote about Quantum in 2011as part of the OpenStack Diablo release cycle. It's a brilliant idea, distill the core elements needed for Networking-as-a-Service in the cloud down to its most base - or quantum - components. Then have that abstraction available via APIs into which networking vendors/services can plug-in.

In 2011, the term SDN wasn't the hype-cycle it is today - otherwise perhaps this project could have simply been called OpenStack SDN.

In any event, at the OpenStack Summit in Portland earlier this year - the direction was taken to start to replace the name OpenStack Quantum, simply with - OpenStack Networking. Apparently there is some naming (copyright?) confusion that might be associated with the name Quantum.

So I was a bit surprised to learn that the name OpenStack Networking isn't sticking either. Starting with the upcoming Havana release, the new name for Quantum networkingis now Neutron.


I don't know - I was just starting to get used to calling it OpenStack Networking too - but 'pet' names that aren't purely generic (ie. calling your cat - cat) certainly do have their value.

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