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Open Source PHP 5.5.5 Updates for 20 Bugs, Supports GNU Hurd

phpFrom the 'PHP Rocks' files:

PHP 5.5 was first released in June of this year and has been upgraded frequently ever since. PHP 5.5.5 was released today providing 20 new bug fixes. So far as I can tell, none of them have any specific security impact. These are stability updates and none are tied to any specific CVE numbers.

One interesting new addition though is that PHP 5.5.5 has support for GNU Hurd. That's right, 30 years after GNU got started, PHP now supports it. Go figure.

#here's the list of updates:

Fixed bug #64979 (Wrong behavior of static variables in closure generators).
Fixed bug #65322 (compile time errors won't trigger auto loading).
Fixed bug #65821 (By-ref foreach on property access of string offset segfaults).
CLI Server:
Fixed bug #65633 (built-in server treat some http headers as case-sensitive).
Fixed bug #65818 (Segfault with built-in webserver and chunked transfer encoding).
Added application/pdf to PHP CLI Web Server mime types

Fixed bug #64157 (DateTime::createFromFormat() reports confusing error message).
Fixed bug #65502 (DateTimeImmutable::createFromFormat returns DateTime).
Fixed bug #65548 (Comparison for DateTimeImmutable doesn't work).
Fixed bug #65708 (dba functions cast $key param to string in-place, bypassing copy on write).
Add RFC 6598 IPs to reserved addresses.
Fixed bug #64441 (FILTER_VALIDATE_URL rejects fully qualified domain names).
Fixed bug #65667 (ftp_nb_continue produces segfault).
Ensure that the defined interpolation method is used with the generic scaling methods.
Fixed bug #65721 (configure script broken in 5.5.4 and 5.4.20 when enabling imap).
Fixed bug #65845 (Error when Zend Opcache Optimizer is fully enabled).
Fixed bug #65665 (Exception not properly caught when opcache enabled).
Fixed bug #65510 (5.5.2 crashes in _get_zval_ptr_ptr_var).
Fixed issue #135 (segfault in interned strings if initial memory is too low).
Added function opcache_compile_file() to load PHP scripts into cache without execution.
Added support for GNU Hurd.
Fixed bug #65808 (the socket_connect() won't work with IPv6 address).
Fixed bug #64782 (SplFileObject constructor make $context optional / give it a default value).
Fixed bug #61548 content-type must appear at the end of headers for 201 Location to work in http.
Fixed bug #51936 Crash with clone XMLReader.
Fixed bug #64230 XMLReader does not suppress errors.
Build system:
Fixed bug #51076 Race condition in shtool's mkdir -p implementation.
Fixed bug #62396 'make test' crashes starting with 5.3.14 (missing gzencode()).