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OpenStack Ironic Approved for Kilo Integrated Release

From the 'Bare Metal Rulez' files:

The Ironic OpenStack bare metal technology is one of the most interesting projects with openstackthe open-source OpenStack platform that I've been tracking in recent years. Ironic enables bare metal provisioning of servers which is becoming increasingly important for service providers.

For example, Rackspace now has a Bare Metal offering called OnMetal which already uses Ironic in order to provision cloud compute services.

While Rackspace has found Ironic safe to use in production, Ironic was not deemed to be ready to be part of the official OpenStack Juno release coming up next month.

An official vote by the OpenStack Technical Committee on September 16 however now has confirmed that Ironic will in fact be part of the OpenStack Kilo release in 2015.

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