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OpenStack Juno Races to Completion as RC2s are Released

From the 'Not Far Now' files:

The open-source OpenStack cloud platform is *almost* at its next major release, known as Juno — but first there all the release candidates.

Earlier today. the Ceilometer monitoring project released its RC2 milestone for Juno. The openstackKeystone project alsoreleased its RC2.

Yesterday, Sahara, the project formerly known as Savanah released its RC2. Sahara is particularly noteworthy for OpenStack Juno as this release will make Sahara's official debut as an integrated project.

"Unless new release-critical issues are found that warrant a release candidate respin, this RC2 will be formally released as Sahara 2014.2 on October 16," OpenStack Director of Engineering Thierry Carrez wrote.

Other project including Neutron, Horizon, Trove, Nova, Heat, Cinder, Glance and Swift all issued their RC1 releases last week.

Unless any last minute bugs show up, those RC1s will all be consider the final releases for Juno as well on October 16.

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