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OpenStack Kilo Now at Feature Freeze

From the 'Is it cold in here?' files:

We're now in the stretch run for the OpenStack Kilo platform release. The Feature Freeze, which also includes a String and openstackDeep freeze is now in place, meaning - no feature additions or major changes.

That said the actual 'HardDepFreeze' isn't set to kick in until tomorrow on March 27.

According to the OpenStack wiki:

Once HardDepFreeze (HDF) kicks in, you are no longer allowed to accept proposed changes containing new requirements to the openstack/requirements repository. Such proposed changes should be temporarily rejected by the review team and postponed until the next series development opens (which should happen when all RC1s have been published).

So basically what all this means is that by tomorrow, the OpenStack Kilo release will be locked-in and down. That means developers will still have nearly a month to bake the release, shake out the bugs and make sure things work as they should before the official release currently set for April 30th.

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