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OpenStack Mitaka will Rise in the Land of the Rising Sun after Liberty

From the 'how not to choose a name' files:

Ok, so the OpenStack Foundation stumbled a little with its first attempt at an 'M' name for the first OpenStack release of 2016. Originally chosen to be 'Meiji' that name turned out to be a political hot potato and so the Foundation went back to the polls and chose - Mitaka.

In case you're wondering - Mitaka is a the name of a Japanese city within the Metro Tokyo openstackarea.

While Mitaka is the second name announced by the OpenStack Foundation as the 'M' release, it was actually the fourth choice on the actual list.

As you are all probably aware by now, as a follow on step, the OpenStack
Foundation staff assessed the names chosen for legal risk in the order
we ranked them. The first two had significant identified problems so we
skipped them. The third had no legal problems, but after announcing it
as the choice, it came to light that there were significant social
issues surrounding the name.

The fourth on the list, Mitaka (三鷹) is clear.

The original vote had:

1. Mita (三田) (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)

2. Minato (港) loses to Mita (三田) by 954–913

3. Meiji (明治) loses to Mita (三田) by 1034–873, loses to Minato (港) by 1052–879

4. Mitaka (三鷹) loses to Mita (三田) by 1094–702, loses to Meiji (明治) by 1012–870

So there you have it , the longer than usual meandering path toward naming the OpenStack 'M' release!

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