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#OpenStack Project Staypuft Fuels Red Hat

project staypuft From the 'It's Not the Marshmallow Man' files:

ATLANTA. There seems to be no shortage of interesting OpenStack installer projects and at that OpenStack Summit this week I learned about another one.

Currently known as Project Staypuft - in homage to the Ghostbusters movie monster - Staypuft is essentially an installer for an installer (Foreman).

During an OpenStack Summit session, Red Hat staffers explained that Staypuft lets Foreman do installation and help to manage the lifecycle as well. There is a strong Puppet tie-in with Staypuft, but for reasons I don't quite understand, Red Hat isn't using PuppetDB for the data.

There were a lot of questions during the session, but the most often asked one was:

Why another installer? Why not leverage from other projects?

In particular, the question was asked why not just use the open-source FUEL components from Mirantis. The answer that I heard was somewhat interesting.

You see, Red Hat can't directly integrate Mirantis' FUEL with the Red Hat Satellite service. So even though there are other open-source efforts out there that kinda /sorta do the same things that Staypuft aims to do, Red Hat is out building its own.

Whatever becomes of Staypuft, one thing is for sure, the name will likely change and Red hat will continue its efforts to make OpenStack easy to install and manage.

You can find the Github repo for staypuft at: https://github.com/theforeman/staypuft

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist