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Oracle VirtualBox Updates to run on Linux 4.0 Kernel

From the 'No Linux 4.0 isn't out...yet' files:

The open-source VirtualBox virtualization project is out with its 4.3.24 update today providing a number of important updates and bug fixes.

Among the most interesting for me is bug #13835, which is a fix to enable VirtualBox forVirtualBox the Linux 4.0 kernel. The bug is actually titled, 'guest additions do not build with 3.20 kernel'.

The Linux 3.20 kernel which is currently at its RC2 stage was renamed by Linux creator Linus Torvalds as Linux 4.0 just over a week ago for the RC1 release.

Guest Additions are often a critical part of many OS's that I personally attempt to run in VirtualBox, many OS's (usually Linux flavors) don't quite run properly in terms of screen resolution for example, without the VirtualBox Guest additions installed.

It's truly amazing, that the VirtualBox community and devs are so on top of things that they're already working to make sure the bleeding edge of Linux development is supported. Kudos to Oracle for keeping this project as vibrant as it is today.

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